Send Birthday Messages to Clients

If you'd like to send a birthday message or special offer to your Clients on their birthday, you can setup an SMS message or Email to be sent on your Clients' birthdays.

  1. Setup a new Template:
    • Head to Practice > Integrations > Templates.
  2. Create a new Template called 'Birthday Message', and include the content you wish to send.
  3. Navigate to Practice > Integrations > Filters.
  4. Click "New Filter" and call it 'Birthday Message' with the options:
    • Filter Type: Birthday
  5. Navigate to Practice > Integrations > Schedules.
  6. Create a new Schedule called 'Birthday Message' with the options:
    • Template: Select the Template you created earlier for Birthdays.
    • Filter: Select the filter you created earlier for Birthdays.
    • Location: All Locations.
    • Repetition: Weekly
    • Tick all days Monday through to Sunday.
    • Time: Select the time of day to send the message.
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  • 09-May-2018