Accessing Client's Details, Documents & Accounts

Adding Clients

To find out how to add clients, check out this article: Adding Clients

Accessing a Client's details

You can access your client's details in 2 ways, from an appointment on the Diary, or from the Clients tab.

  • From an appointment - Click on the appointment to open it up, and hover over the tab at the top labelled "Client Info" you'll then see three options:
    • Client Details - Click this to be taken to the details section.
    • Client Accounts - This option will take you straight to the client's invoices.
    • View Third Party Details - To view any third party records the client has.
  • From the Clients tab in the top navigation bar, you can search for the client in question then click on their name to open up their details.

Contact/Address details & Notes

The first things you'll see here are the basic contact details for your Client. Most of them are very self explanatory, but there are a couple that are particularly important, these are the following:

  • Opt-In: Email, SMS - If you'd like to send emails or SMS messages to your clients, they will need to be "opted in". In the same way, if any of your clients would prefer not to receive messages, you can un-check this option.
  • Opt-In: iCal - If you're going to be sending email reminders to your clients, this will include a file that they can use to add their appointment to whichever calendar they use (Google Calendar, or the Calendar on their iPhone for example) this can make your reminders much more effective.
  • Online Booking Code - This is a special code that your clients can use when booking your services online, it saves them having to enter all their contact details and makes the process even simpler!
  • Client Notes - This is a great place to store any general notes about your clients, or anything that there may not be a field for by default.
  • Alert Notes - Anything added here will appear in a bright alert box on this client's appointments so it is a great place for any very important information.

On the left hand side you will also see areas for Primary Address, Alternate Address, Misc Details & Referrers. You can add as much or as little info to these areas as you like.

Documents & Letters

All of your client's documents/files will be stored under the "Documents" tab within their client record. This area is sorted into a "General Documents" folder and separate folders for Case DocumentsYou can upload any supporting documents that for your clients here by clicking "Upload Scanned Document" or dragging and dropping into the area on the right. 

Some of the uploaded files will be view-able in browser, and some will need to be downloaded, but there is no restriction on file type, and the maximum size for a single upload is 10 MB.

Client Accounts

Any invoices that have been generated for your clients will be accessible under the "Accounts" area in their client record.

From here you can view, amend or merge existing invoices, create new ones, or print/email client or third party statements.