Making and Managing Appointments

Creating an appointment on the Diary

Head to the Diary, and click on an available time slot.

Type in the name of the client you wish to add an appointment for. If they are an existing client, you can select them now.

If the client does not exist click "Create Client" and enter their details in the following screen.

After adding or selecting the correct client, you will be able to select the appointment type from your list of services, and whether this should be associated with an existing case. If not, you can add a new one here by selecting "Create a new Case".

Click "Create Appointment" and you will see it added to your diary.

Updating your appointment's status

As the day progresses, you will likely need to make changes to the status of your appointment, for example, you may want to signify that the client has confirmed that they will be attending. You can set this status, among others, by clicking on your appointment to open it and choosing the appropriate option. These are as follows:

  • Confirmed - This will add an orange tag to the corner of your appointment.
  • Arrived - This will turn the appointment purple, and add the client to your list of "Arrivals" (on the left hand side below the calendar).
    • After a client has been added to the Arrivals list, they can be selected and marked as "In Session", which will turn the appointment green.
  • Did Not Arrive - This will turn your appointment dark orange.

If you need undo any of these status changes, simply open up the appointment, hover over the option labeled "Appointment" and select "Reset Appointment Status".

Invoicing from an appointment

Check out this article: Generating and Managing Invoices 

Moving or Cancelling an Appointment

To move an appointment on the same day, click on it, and hold your mouse down for 2 seconds, then drag it to the new correct time and/or provider and drop it there.

To move it to a different date, open up the appointment, hover over the option labeled "Appointment" and select "Move Appointment", then navigate to the correct date and click on an available time slot. You can also click and drag on the bottom of the appointment to extend its length.

To cancel an appointment, open it, hover over the option labeled "Appointment" and select "Cancel Appointment". Enter your reason for cancellation here e.g. "Couldn't make it due to car troubles".

Re-booking Appointments

To re-book an appointment, open it, hover over the option labeled "Appointment" and select "Rebook Appointment". Navigate to the correct date for the new booking, and select an available time slot. You can then repeat this process, or hit the "Esc" key to finish.

Recurring appointments

To make an appointment recurring, open it, hover over the option labeled "Appointment" and select "Recurring Appointments". You can then select the recurrence pattern for this appointment e.g. weekly, for 6 weeks, on Tuesdays.

Check the dates you've selected are available using the "Check Dates" option before clicking save.

Viewing a Client's Appointment List

If you need to view, print or cancel appointments for a client, just head to Client > Details > Appointments. From here you will see a number of options for the generated list. 

Printing an Appointment List

Head to Practice > Administration > Print Appointments > Select from the available filters and click "Generate Report".  

Keeping Track of Cancellations

Under the "Reports" tab you will find a report labeled "Cancellations".

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