Using Clinical Notes & Body Charts

Clinical Note Templates

To find out how to set up templates for your notes, check out this article: Setting up Templates

Accessing the Clinical Notes area

You can access your client's notes in 2 ways, from an appointment on the Diary, or from the Clients tab.

  • From an appointment - Click on the appointment to open it up, and in the tab at the top you'll see an option labelled "Clinical Notes" clicking this will take you directly to the clinical notes for the case associated with the appointment.
  • From the Clients tab in the top navigation bar, you can search for the client in question then click on their name to open up their details. After opening the client record you'll see the option labelled "Cases". In this area you will find a list of cases, and clicking on any of them will open the notes for that case.

Adding & Saving Notes

After opening the correct case, you will see an area on the left to enter your clinical notes. 

At the top of this area is a drop-down box where you can select from any templates you have. After selecting the correct template you will see all the questions within it and can enter your answers. 

To insert symbols into text fields click the "Ω" icon on the right hand side.

If you have any Short Cuts in your account, you can also enter them by clicking the "a" on the right.

If you are finished writing your notes for now, but are not ready to finalise them, click "Save Unfinalised". This will keep them on the left hand side in the "active" area for you to continue working with them.

Once you are completely satisfied with your notes, you can "Save & Finalise". This will move them to the right hand side, where they are no longer "active" and cannot be edited. If you need to make any additional notes you can do so using the "Additional Notes" area below the finalised notes.

If you make a mistake in your notes, or attach them to the wrong client or case, don't panic.

Just submit a support ticket with the details, and one of our team can help you out!

Drawing on the body chart

Between the "active" notes area and the historical progress notes, you will find the body chart. There are two charts available by default: the entire body, and just the head.

If you have any other charts at all that you would like to use in your Nookal account, just submit a support ticket with the image attached and we can add it in for you.

You can select the image you would like to use from the drop-down below the chart area, and click"Add New Chart". This will populate the selected chart into the drawing area where you can use a number of different shapes and lines, to highlight important areas.

You can also add symbols using the "Ω" icon, or text with the "T".

Once you're satisfied with your chart, click "Save Current Chart" and it will appear under "Saved Charts" for you to access in future.

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  • 12-Jul-2016