Print and Pop-up Windows Not Appearing

Some functions in Nookal, such as Printing Invoices and Statements require pop-up windows to be allowed.

You can enable pop-up windows, by following these instructions for your browser.


  1. Click the Menu (3 vertical dots) button in the top-right corner on PC or use Chrome on Mac
  2. Click the Settings / Preferences item.
  3. Click the Show advanced settings... link.
  4. Click the Content settings... button (in the Privacy section)
  5. To allow all pop-ups:
    1. Select the Allow all sites to show pop-ups option.
    2. Close the Settings tab.
  6. To allow pop-ups for Nookal only:
    1. Find the Pop-ups section.
    2. Click the Manage Exceptions button in the Pop-ups section.
    3. Type in a new Hostname pattern as https://[*.]
    4. Set the Behaviour for the new entry as Allow.
    5. Click the Done button on the Pop-up Exceptions window.
    6. Click the Done button on the Content Settings window.
    7. Close the Settings tab.


  1. Click the Menu (3 horizontal lines) button in the top-right corner.
  2. Click the Options (or Preferences) item.
  3. Open the Content tab.
  4. To allow all pop-ups:
    1. Untick the Block pop-up windows checkbox.
    2. Close the Options window.
  5. To allow pop-ups for Nookal only:
    1. Click the Exceptions... button.
    2. Type in a new Address of website as: ""
    3. Click the Allow button.
    4. Click the Close button.
    5. Close the Options window.


  1. Open the Safari menu in the top-left corner.
  2. Select the Preferences item.
  3. Open the Security tab.
  4. Untick the Block pop-up windows checkbox.
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  • 09-Nov-2016