Setting Up Third Party Payers

Setting up a Third Party to Pay Invoices

To invoice third parties, they need to be in your Contacts list first and ticked as "Payer" in their Contact page.

Find out how to add Contacts here.
  • Third Party payers are attached to a Case.
  • Once added to a Case, invoicing and tracking the number of remaning sessions will be easy so it is strongly recommended to setup the payer before generating any invoices.
  • It is important to select the right Case when booking an appointment to be able to invoice the Third Party correctly.
  • You can add a third party from the diary page, when booking an appointment (only if creating a new case) or from the Clients section.
You can't add the same Payer twice to the same Case, you will need to create a new Case to setup a new Claim. For reccurent yearly claims we recommend using the year e.g. EPC 2017, EPC 2018...

Adding a Third Party Payer from an Appointment in the Diary

1. In the Diary, click on the Client Appointment.


2. Under Case Details, click Payer.

3. Select the appropriate Payer in the dropdown menu.

4. Click Save in the right bottom corner of the appointment window.

5. Click Edit Case Details.

The Case window will open, you will see the Payer selected in the right column with a green dot next to it which means it is active.

6. Many new fields are in the Payers setion. None of the fields are mandatory, but adding as much information as possible will prevent claim being rejected and make it easier to track remaining sessions, etc. See below what each field relates to:

  • Referral - Doctor that has written the referal and the Date the referral was written. The Doctor needs to be in your Contacts list to be selected.
  • Reference - Claim number or autorisation number that is specific to this claim. (Membership Insurance Number should be in the Client Profile, under the Payers details).
  • Case Manager - If applicable, alternative recipient for invoices and correspondace, you can select from a list of all your contacts which have the Case Manager box ticked in their Contact page. 
  • Number of Sessions: Number of session approved or remaining, this will be shown in the appointment and will be adjusted each time an invoice is generated.
  • Expiry Date - If the treatments are pre-approved within a certain time frame.
  • Notes: For your own reference, will not be displayed on the invoice
  • Status: To prevent invoicing the payer when the claiming is over, you can deactivate the Payer.


Case Title, Date of Injury, Reference number, and Referral information (Doctor, Name and Provider Number and Referral Date) will be displayed on invoices addressed to the Third Party.

 7. Click Save Changes.

8. Back to the appointment window, you are ready to invoice the Third Party. See Invoicing a Third Party if you require more guidance.

Adding a Third Party Payer When Booking an Appointment (Only possible if creating a new Case)

1. In the Diary, click in the appropriate time/day/provider slot and create a booking for an existing or new Client.

2. In the Create Appointment window, select Create a New Case.


3. Add the appropriate Case Title.


4. Select Third Party.


5. Select the appropriate Payer from the dropdown list or type to add a new one. If adding a new Payer, you will be redirected to the Contact page to add in all the relevant information. See Adding Contacts for more guidance.

The Referrer section under the Payer section is NOT related to the Third Party setup. It is the Referrer used for MARKETING purposes only. You will need to go back to the appointment window to add Payer details.

6. Click Create Appointment.


Additional information for the Payer can be added at the time of booking or later, as long as it is before the invoice is generated.

7. Click on the Appointment in the Diary.

8. When the Appointment window opens, the Payer should be displayed under Case Details. Click Edit Case Details.

From then, follow step 6 onward from the previous section.

Adding a Third Party Payer from the Clients Section

1. Open the Clients section and open the Client Profile.

2. Click Cases.

3. Choose on the Case or Create New Case.

4. Click Add Payer.

5. Select the appropriate Payer from the dropdown list.


6. Click Next.

7. Follow step 6 onward from the first section.

If there are appointments already booked in the Diary for this Case, the Payer will need to be updated manually this way:
  1. Click on the Appointment.
  2. Click Payer.
  3. Select the appropriate Payer in the Active Payer section of the dropdown list.
  4. Click Save.

Once this is completed, you are ready to invoice the Third Party, see Invoicing a Third Party for more guidance.

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  • 04-Mar-2019