Connect Nookal to Xero Accounting Software

Linking your Xero account with Nookal

Before you can set up Nookal for your Xero account preferences, you'll need to link to your existing Xero account.

  1. Go to Practice > Integrations > Marketplace > Xero : Configure (If there isn't Practice in the top menu, click Setup > Connections > Integrations > Xero: Configure.)
  2. Select the blue 'Connect to Xero' button to connect to Xero.
  3. Once connected to Xero by entering your email address and password, you will be presented with an 'Authorise application' window.
  4. Select 'Authorise' to allow Nookal to link with your Xero account.
  5. After authorisation, you'll be redirected back to the Nookal Xero setup page.
  6. Once the information has been returned from Xero you'll be presented with a number of choices.
    • You’ll need to identify your Sales Account, Bank Account and the synchronisation type - Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
  7. Once you are satisfied with your choices, select 'Save Setup'.

Synchronising Past Dates

Once you have successfully connected to Xero and saved your setup, you will be able to synchronise the payments and refunds over past dates.

Simply select a date range, and click 'Synchronise' to perform a manual synchronisation.

This will be reflected in your Xero account as soon as the data has been processed.

Check out these Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the synchronisation do?

The synchronisation pulls across all the invoices and payments that have been added during the day.

When does the synchronisation occur?

Between 10 and 12 pm every night.

Once linked up, what do I need to do?

Nothing! After setup, the synchronisation is automatic!

Can I send certain items/services to specific accounts?

Each of your services, classes, passes &  inventory items has a field labelled "account code". Simply populate this field with the ID of the account you'd like to send it to. You can find this in your Xero chart of accounts.

Does the synchronisation handle over-payments?

Not at the moment – it will only pay off an invoice, not add additional credit on top of that.

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  • 13-Jun-2019