Merging Clients or Cases

Merging Clients

If you accidentally create a client that already exists in your Nookal account, you can combine the two records into one. This is also helpful if your client has used new information to book online, and been added again.

Merging clients will move all Appointments, Clinical Notes, Invoices and Documents from the duplicate client, onto the primary one, while maintaining the contact details of the primary record.

To merge two client records together, head to Clients > Merge Clients and select the two client records, Primary on the left, and duplicate on the right. Then click the button labeled "Merge Clients".

To maintain data integrity, and historical accuracy, clients cannot be deleted so if a client was added in error, consider merging the record with another client. We recommend having a "dummy" or "test" client in your account for this purpose.

Merging Cases

If you have created a case by mistake, or need to remove one, you can combine it with another. 

Merging cases will move all Clinical Notes and Documents onto the oldest case.

To merge two cases together, head to Client > Cases > Merge Cases and select the cases you would like to merge together, then click the button labeled "Merge Cases".

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  • 26-Feb-2018