Setting up Staff

Setting up Staff

To set up your team as staff members in Nookal, head to Practice > Setup > Staff.

You'll then see at least your own staff record, and a button in the bottom right corner labelled "Create Staff Member"

Clicking on this will open a new screen where you can enter all the details for your new staff member. The required fields are as follows:

  • First & Last Name
  • Position - This staff member's role within your company
  • Discipline - e.g. Physiotherapy, Podiatry etc. Visible to the public for online bookings.

If you'd like this staff member to be able to log in to Nookal you'll need to set them as "Active" and "Allowed" and then enter their email address.

All staff members in your account must have a unique email address, this ensures accurate recording of staff actions in the system.

You will also need to select the permissions group for this staff member. This can be selected from a list of predefined groups, and any custom groups you've added.

There are a number of optional fields that you can leave as is, or adjust to your liking, these are:

  • Nickname & Middle Name
  • Phone number & Address
  • DOB
  • Gender
  • Notes

If this staff user provides (or has provided) services to clients, you'll want to select the box labelled "Provider" which will allow you the additional options of showing this staff member on the diary, and making them available for online bookings.

After filling out these fields, click "Create Staff Member" and your newest team member is ready to go!

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  • 26-Aug-2016