Setting up Locations & Business details

Setting up Locations

To add your business details for one, or many locations, head to Practice > Setup > Locations.

You'll then see your first location, and a button in the bottom right corner labelled "Create Location"

To edit the details for your existing location, click on its name. To add a new location, click the button mentioned above.

Clicking on either of these will open a new screen where you can enter all the details for your location, or update the existing ones. The required fields are as follows:

  • Name - (Name for internally identifying this location)
  • Email Address - (Shown on Invoices, and used as a "Reply-to" address for certain emails)
  • Hours of operation
  • Company Name - (Registered company name, displayed on letters/invoices)
  • Contact - (Primary person to be notified of urgent updates.)

Fill out the additional options here too, as these are used for letterheads and invoice details. They are as follows:

  • Phone number
  • Fax number
  • Website
  • Invoice Terms
  • Address - (business & postal)
  • Logo
  • Registration Number - (e.g. ABN)

If you would like to receive replies to your SMS reminders you'll need to check the box labelled "Receive SMS"

You also have the options to keep all Clients and/or Contacts added at this location, separate from those added at others.

After filling out these fields, click "Save Changes". You will need to log out and back into your account for this new Location's tab to appear in the Diary.

Multiple Locations

You can have as many locations in your Nookal account as you like with no extra charges involved.

The different locations will be accessible on the diary page via tabs at the top. Practitioners can be available from multiple locations.

You can use time slots of different lengths in your different locations. For example, 15 minute appointments in one, and 30 minute appointments in another. Just submit a ticket and a member of our team will configure this for you. 

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  • 21-Feb-2019