Creating a Case

To make an Appointment in Nookal you'll need to first connect the Clients File to a Case.

The Client Profile contains details like the Clients Phone Number, Address, Public and/or Private Insurance information.

 A Case is like a folder that contains all the information about the Clients reason for seeing the Practitioner, such as Clinical Notes, Plans, Letters, Referring Doctor, Payers or other Contacts specific to the Case.

There are two ways to create a Case, from the Create New Appointment pop-up on the Diary or from the Client File.

Creating a Case from the Diary

  1. Click on the Diary at a date and time when you would like to create the Appointment

  2. Search for and select a Client or Create a New Client

  3. From the Create Appointment pop-up, enter the New Case Details as required
  4. Fill out the rest of the Appointment Details as required and Click Create Appointment

  5. The Case is now created and linked to both the Client File and the Appointment

Creating a Case from the Client File

  1. From the Clients screen, search for the Client using the Fields on the Left

  2. Click on either the Last Name or First Name to open the Client File

  3. Click on Cases from the left hand menu

  4. Click on Create New Case

  5. Fill out the New Case Details as required and click Save Changes to create the Case
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  • 01-Sep-2017