Setting up Annual Leave for a Provider

This article explains how to block the schedule of your provider for annual leave.

You can create an Event or Note to block out the provider's schedule for an annual leave, but it is recommended to use the Schedule which can't be removed or moved by mistake. This will also ensure that your Occupancy Rate Report will be accurate.

Setting up Annual Leave for your Providers is as easy as creating a normal Schedule but with a Break covering the time away.

Let's assume that our Provider would like to take 2 weeks Annual Leave starting from the 9th January.

To correctly block out the Annual Leave time, we would:

1. Open the schedule window from the Diary:

  • In Day View, click on the Name of the provider at the top of his column to open up the Schedule for this Provider.
  • In Week View of this provider, click on any of the Dates at the top of the columns.

2. Schedules already set will be displayed. Make note of the earliest start time and the latest finishing time across all schedules. This will ensure you don't leave any availability during the leave.

3. Click the Add Schedule.

4. Select Every Week.

5. Select the Location.

If the provider works in more than one Location, a new Schedule blocking all the available time will need to be created for each Location.

6. Tick all Days of the week.

7. Set the Start Time as the earliest start time and the Finish Time as the latest the finishing time of this provider.

8. Set the From and Until dates to match the period of Annual Leave.

9. Set a Break labelled Annual Leave and set the Start and Finish time of the Break to match the start and finish time of the Schedule.

10. Click "-" icon to delete second break.

11. Click Save Schedule once you are done creating a Schedule to cover the entire working schedule of the Provider.

12. Back on the Diary, ensure that the Annual Leave Schedule has taken effect correctly.

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  • 20-Apr-2018