Finding Clients Profile

Once  clients are created in your Nookal account, you can access your Client's Profile in two ways: from an Appointment in the Diary or from the Clients section.

Accessing Client Profile from an Appointment in the Diary

1. Click on the Appointment to open it up. 

2. Hover over the tab at the top labelled Client Info and you'll be shown three options to choose from.

3. Click on either of these options to access the specific section in your Client Profile

  • Client Details: Client's Profile section. 
  • Client Accounts - Account section including invoices, credit, payment history etc. 
  • View Third Party Details - Client's third party records.


Accessing Client Profile from the Clients Section

1. Head to Clients in the top navigation bar. 

2. Enter Client information in the appropriate text box.


3. Once you have entered some information in the search box, the system will display a list of client matching this information in the results page. Click on the Client you wish to access his or her Profile. - If the Client isn't showing in the list, the Client might be restricted to a different Location - make sure the Location at the top right of the screen is the right one.


4. This action will open the Client Profile page.  

5. From this screen, you can find all the information regarding this client by navigating through all the sections in the left side menu.

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  • 13-Jun-2019