How to Bill for Travel Time

With Nookal, it's easy to itemise your travel time on invoices for when you need to visit a Client site. 

First, you'll need to setup a Service with all the relevant details. Once the Service is setup, you can then add your time to any Invoice.

Creating the Service

1. Go to Practice.

2. Click on Services under Setup.

3. Click Create Service in the bottom right corner.

4. Fill out the standard Service Details fields.

5. Set the Duration to 5 minutes and the Price to the amount per minute (or kilometre) that you want to charge for your Travel Time.

6. Set the Location(s) that you would like to make the Service available at.

7. Once you are done, click Create Service.

Add Travel Time to an Invoice

Now that you have created the Service, you can bill for your travel time when generating an invoice for a consultation.

1. Click the Add Item button.

2. Find and select the Service you created previously.

3. Enter the number of minutes (or kilometres) travelled into the Quantity field.

4. This will calculate the final travel cost in the Total column.

Your invoice is then ready to be paid, saved or sent.

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  • 17-Jul-2018