Adding Contacts to Your Nookal Account

Your Contacts are everyone you need to keep track of, that isn't a patient or client. This can include Insurance companies, Referring Doctors, Case Managers, Suppliers, etc...

If you have a database of Contacts you wish to import in your Nookal account, you can do so with a csv file in Practice > Integrations > Import Data.

Creating a Contact

1. To add a new Contact head to the Contacts tab in your Nookal account.

2. Click Add Contact at the bottom right of the screen.

3. Enter the Company AND/OR the First Name and Last Name for this Contact in the window that opens, these are the only required information to create a Contact.

Fill as many fields as you can while creating a new Contact to have all the information easily accessible from anywhere you can access your Nookal account See below what specific information is required for some types of contact (e.g. Insurers, Case Managers, Doctors...)

4. After filling out these fields, click Create Contact at the bottom right of the window to save and go back to the Contacts list.

Adding a Doctor

For Doctors, we recommend adding the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Registration Number of Medical Board (Provider number)
  • Contact Details (and note preferred or best way to communicate).
Double check any Doctor's Provider numbers, as these will need to be correct for use in Online Claiming.

Adding a Payer

A payer is anyone who will pay for a client's session e.g. insurance companies, employers etc.

You need to tick the Payer box for a Contact to appear as a billing option when adding a Payer for a Client.

 In addition to ticking the Payer option, we recommend adding the following information:

  • Name of the Contact person - if there are many Case Managers with different contact details, we recommend creating a new Contact for each of them.
  • Phone numbers
  • Address if you are to send invoice by post
  • Email address if you are needing to communicate with them by email.
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  • 17-Jul-2018