Keeping Track of Ad-hoc Invoices

Keeping track of Ad-hoc Invoices

When you generate Ad-hoc invoices via the diary that are not linked to an existing Client, you can manage or report on them simply and easily buy following these steps:

1. Head to Reports. 

2. Click Invoices under Administration. (If Invoices is not in the list of reports, they can be found in Manage > Administration > Bulk Invoicing).


3. Click on Type and select Ad-hoc Invoices.  

4. Tick All Locations or click on Select locations box to choose specific locations.

5. Select the Status, Unpaid or All.

6. Select the date range for unpaid unvoices by clicking on the date manually or using presets by clicking on the icon next to Until.

7. Click Generate Report.

A list similar to this one will be gererated. If you don't wish to record a payment immediately, you can Print the list or Download the invoices as pdf files for future reference by clicking on the option at the bottom right.

8. Click on the Invoice Number to open the required Invoice so that you can view, edit or record a payment.

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