Adding or Removing an Item in an Invoice

You can make many adjustment to an invoice once it has been generated , but these actions are irreversible so make sure you are doing the right changes.

If you are looking for an invoice, see "Finding an Existing Invoice".

You need the permission to access the client account to be able to amend an invoice.

Adding a Line Item

1. Click Add item, at the bottom of the invoice.

2. Find the item by typing it or scrolling down the list. All services, classes and billable items in the inventory will be shown.

3. Verify that the details  are correct or change them.

Add the Provider or Salesperson after you have added all the items in the invoice because you can do so in bulk by selecting all the items you want to add the same provider or salesperson and using the option Change Salesperson or Change Provider in the right side menu

Adding a Salesperson will lead to differences in reports. The Salespersons will be credited for payments of items assigned to them over the Provider, even for a service or class provided by the provider. These discrepancies will be shown in Management reports such as Activity Report, Practice Payment and Provider Payment. Services or Classes will remain under the provider's name in Statistics reports.

4. Click Add, at the bottom of the window.

 Removing Line Items

Write down any payment information (amount and payment method) paid the invoice before deleting an item because when an item is deleted, any transaction recorded for this item will be voided simultaneously. This is irreversible.

1. Select the item(s) you wish to delete by ticking the box on the left side.

2. Click Delete Item in the right side menu.

3. Click Delete Item to confirm you want to delete the item with any transactions associated with the item (if applicable).

If all the items are deleted, the invoice will be voided simulteaneously.

 To edit an item once it has been added, see "Editing a Line Item in an Existing Invoice".

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  • 01-Sep-2017