Making an Adjustment on an Invoice Total

If you need to make an adjustment to an invoice, follow these simple steps. The same steps apply when adding a discount once the invoice has been raised and the discount will need to be added manually. See "Finding an Existing Invoice" if you need assistance finding the invoice.

Do not use the Adjust total option if the payment has already been recorded as this will lead to an Account Credit and duplicate the amount in the Banking Report. If the payment has been recorded, use the Refund Payment option and tick the Adjust Balance so that the total of the item is adjusted. You can still choose to create an Account Credit for this client. See Processing a Refund for more details.

1. Select the item you want to amend the total for.


2. Click Adjust Total.

3. Key in the New total amount.


4. Add an Adjustment description (will be shown on the invoice).

5. Add a Reason for the adjustment if needed (will not be shown on the invoice).

6. Click Save.


 7. Verify that the adjusted total is exact and the amount of the adjustment will be shown in transaction. These amounts will be shown in orange.

8. To view all Payments and Adjustments made to an Invoice, click on Invoice History otherwise click Close at the bottom left to close Invoice.


If you wish to refund the Client instead of creating an Account Credit, refer to "Processing a Refund".