Merging Invoices or Adding to an Existing Invoice

Make sure the invoices you want to merge or combine are in the same Case because they cannot be merged otherwise. See "Editing an Existing Invoice" for more information.

Merging Existing Invoices

1. Open the Client Accounts, see "Using the Client Account Section" if you need assistance accessing this section.


2. Click Merge Invoices at the bottom right of the window.

3. Select the Invoices you want to merge by ticking the boxes on the left side. You can use the Filters option to help you find invoices by showing one Case only.

4. Click Merge Invoices.


Merging invoices will void the selected invoices and compile them into a new invoice - this is an irreversible process, please make your selection(s) carefully.

 5. Click OK on the Warning pop up window (this will look different depending on the browser you are using).


6. Click Cancel once you have finished merging invoices to go back to the Client Accounts page.

The new merged invoices will be shown with an icon to the left, when hovering it will indicate that it is a Merged Invoice.


Adding a New Invoice to an Existing Invoice

While generating an invoice for an Appointment on the Diary, you can choose to add the invoice to an existing invoice instead of creating a new invoice.

1. Instead of saving and or printing, click Add to Existing Invoice at the bottom right.  This option is only available if an Unpaid Invoice has already been generated for the same Case.


2. Select the blue + icon of the appropriate invoice.


Once you have added the invoice to an existing invoice, you will be redirected to the Diary. If you want to see the invoice, open the appointment window and click Invoice Raised.