Generating an Invoice from an Appointment on the Diary

Generate your invoices from Appointments, as this will auto-populate the service type, price, case and provider details. It will also ensure that the appointment is marked as Completed/Paid.

 1. In the Diary, click on the Appointment you wish to generate an invoice for.


 2. Click on Generate Invoice, in the top menu of the appointment window.


3. Ensure that the details on the new invoice are correct.


4. Invoice Details are automatically generated from the Appointment information as a line item. If you need to change the item generated it is recommended to modify the Appointment first. To add or remove an item, see "Additonal Options" below.


 5. Ensure that the appropriate Price and Quantity is logged.


6. To record a payment while generating the Invoice, enter the correct amount received next to the appropriate Payment Method and repeat this step for each payment method if the payment is split.


7. If you wish to add a comment on the Invoice or the Account, click Invoice and Account Notes to expand this section and type your note in the appropriate text box.

Invoice Notes are notes for this invoice and will be shown on the Invoice for Clients/Third Party to see
Account Notes are notes for this Case and will only be visible to you, they are shown in the client Account section. 

8. To generate the final Invoice using all the information entered in your Location Details such as your business address, logo, invoice terms etc., head to the Print and Email Options section:

 a. Tick the appropriate Addressee (Client or Third Party).


b. To send the invoice by email:

i. Tick the box next to Email client to send the invoice attached as a pdf to the client when saving the invoice.

ii. Tick the box next to Third Party to send the invoice attached as a pdf to the payer when saving the invoice (if applicable).

iii. Tick the box Other to send the invoice to another email address.


Email Client and Third Party emailing options will only be shown if there is an email address recorded in the Client profile or in the Third Party record. See "Emailing or Printing an Invoice" for all the details about emailing an invoice.

 iv. Click Save Invoice at the bottom right to save and email the invoice.


c. To save the invoice only: Click Save Invoice at the bottom right.


d. To save and print the invoice: Click Save and Print at the bottom right.


If you wish to add this invoice to an existing invoice, see "Merging Invoices or Adding to an Existing Invoice". 

 9. If you wish to cancel the invoice, click Cancel Invoice at the bottom left.


Additional Options

 1. To add Tax, tick the box below GST.


2. To add an Item (article sold, travel time, etc.)

a. Click + Add Item on the left side below the item line.


b. Choose appropriate item from the existing items in the dropdown menu or key-in the first letters in the Search field to help you locate it.


3. To remove an Item, click on the “ - ” icon on the right side of the appropriate item.


4. To change the Price or Quantity, enter the appropriate amount or quantity below the Price or Qty boxes.