Generating an Invoice from the Accounts Screen

It is important to know that when generating an Invoice from the Accounts screen, it will not be linked with an Appointment. It is useful to invoice stock items or passes if the client is not using one on the day of the purchase. If you want to invoice an Appointment, see "Generating an Invoice from an Appointment on the Diary".

1. Head to the Client Accounts section, see "Using the Client Account Section" if you need help finding it.

2. Click Create Invoice, at the bottom right of the screen.

3. Select the Item you want to invoice by finding it in the dropdown menu, you can start typing the item's name to find it easily.

The selected item will be added to the invoice with its default price.

4. Add a Provider and its Provider Number by clicking on the appropriate boxes at the top of the invoice.

If no Provider or Salesperson are entered on the invoice, the sale will not be credited to any staff member in the different Reports.

5. Once you have completed these steps, you can change the Quantity and Price, add more Items, record a Payment, add Comments, or Save/Email/Print the Invoice. If you need assistance doing so, see "Generating an Invoice from an Appointment on the Diary" from step 5 onwards.