1. Setting Up Staff for Online Bookings

Online Bookings allow your clients to schedule appointments and classes 24/7 and will save valuable time for reception staff.

To use the Online Booking system, you will need to complete all these steps:

This articles explains how to enable Staff members for online bookings, click on the option above for assistance with the other steps.

Enabling Providers is the first step to have them displayed on the Online Booking system but doing this only is not sufficient. You need to configure the Location and select the appropriate Services/Classes for each Provider for them to be shown online.

1. Go to Practice. (If Practice isn't in the top menu, Staff Profiles can be found under Setup > Users > Staff.)

2. Click Staff under Setup.

3. Select Staff Member you wish to make available for online bookings.

4. Tick the Enable Integrations checkbox in the right side column.

The Integrations option will only be shown if the Staff member is a Provider with an active Diary.

5. Add a short Biography that clients can read when booking online (optional).


6. Make sure the Discipline is correct as it will be displayed online.


7. Click Upload Photo to add a photo visible when selecting the provider (optional).


8. Click Save Changes.


9. Repeat for each Staff member you want to enable.

Verify that the Schedule of each staff member is accurate in the Diary to avoid booking unavailable spots. See "Setting Up Staff Schedules" for more information.
When using Online Bookings, you can create an Event or a Note if you want to block a certain spot in the Diary.
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  • 13-Jun-2019