Processing a Refund

Partial or total Refunds can be processed when a payment has been processed and need to be refunded. It is processed on one item at the time and you can choose to refund the client or to create a Credit for this client.

If a Payment was recorded by mistake on an Invoice but the payment was not processed, it is best to delete the mistaken transaction so that your Banking Report match your transactions.

Standard Refund

1. Open the Invoice you wish to process a refund in and select the Item you want to refund. See "Finding an Existing Invoice" if you need assistance finding it.

2. Click Refund Payment in the right side menu that appears.

3. In the new window that opens, enter the Amount you wish to refund.

4. Select the Refund Method from the dropdown list.

5.  Enter a Refund Description to be shown on the invoice.

6. Enter a Refund Reason (optional, will not be shown on the invoice).

7. Tick the box Adjust Balance if you want to adjust the price of the item or untick the box if you want to keep it as it is.

8. Click Save.

9. The refund and its description will be recorded in the Transactions section.

Refund creating an Account Credit

Similar steps apply to create an Account Credit from a refund. The only difference is that you need to select Account Credit in Refund Method (step 4)

The Account Credit will be generated automatically and will be shown in the Credits section below the Transactions section on the invoice.

Adding a Credit from a Refund will link the Credit to this Invoice. Voiding this invoice will also void the Credit.
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  • 01-Sep-2017