Xero FAQ

What does the synchronisation do?

The synchronisation pulls across information that have been added during the day in Nookal into your Xero account.

Depending on your synchronisation options, different information will be transferred:

  • Invoices and Payments: All invoices and entries added during the day will be pulled across (e.g. invoice raised, payments, adjustments...).
  • Daily taking: Only the total amount processed for each payment methods (e.g. cash, debit card...) during the day will be pulled across. Please note that if a payment was backdated in Nookal, it will still show in Xero on the date it has been added, not the date recorded.

When does the synchronisation occur?

Between 10pm and 12am every night, in regards to your account timezone.

Once linked up, what do I need to do?

Nothing! After the configuration is done, the synchronisation is automatic!

Can I send certain items/services to specific accounts?

Each of your services, classes, passes &  inventory items have a field labelled Accounting Code. Simply populate this field with the ID of the account you'd like to send it to. You can find this in your Xero Chart of Accounts.

Does the synchronisation handle over-payments?

Not at the moment – it will only pay off an invoice, not add additional credit on top of that.

Can I synchronise only some Locations?

Yes. When configuring the synchronisation, you can select for which Location you wish to synchronise to Xero.

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  • 16-Jul-2019