Setting Up Staff Schedules

This article explains how to set a Staff Schedules. Whether the availability is always the same or changes frequently, it can all be set up in advance.

You can:

  • Work across different locations
  • Create schedules that are different every day of the week
  • Create different schedules for fortnightly or monthly variations
  • Manage annual leave, see "Setting up Annual Leave for a Provider"
To set up a Staff Schedule, the Staff member needs a Diary column. In the Staff page, the  Provider and Diary boxes need to be ticked. 

1. Open the schedule window from the Diary:

  • In Day View, click on the Name of the provider above the column to open up the Schedule for this Provider.
  • In Week View of this provider, click on any of the Dates at the top of the columns.

2. Click the Add Schedule at the bottom right of the Schedule window to open the Schedule options.

You will need a different schedule for every day that have different available time periods and for every location. All these schedules will integrate into the Diary.
When creating different schedules for the same day, the available spots will be added together. If you want to block a period of time, you will need to add a break in the least frequent schedule to block off this time because the least frequent schedule (e.g. fortnightly vs weekly) will be prioritised.

3. Select the frequency of the Schedule next to Every.

4. Select the Location you want this schedule to be applied for next to In.

5. Tick the Days of the week you want this specific schedule to be applied for.


6. Set the Start Time and the Finish Time you want to be applied to the specific schedule.

The times displayed in the dropdown menu of Starts and Finishes represent the Diary Time Slot set in your Location.

7. Set the period you want this schedule to be applied to. From (today) and Until (Indefinitely) should remain unchanged unless you want the schedule to run for a limited period.

  • If you want the schedule to start later than the day it is created, put in the date you want to start next to From.

  • If you want the schedule to be stopped at a specific date, add a date next to Until.

8. Set the Breaks needed in the schedule such as "lunch break" by adding a Label and selecting the Starting/Ending time.

9. Click Add Break to add more Breaks if required.

10. Delete unescessary Breaks buy clicking on the "-" icon on the right.

11. Click Save Schedule.

Review the Schedule you have created in the Schedule window to make sure it is accurate.

12. Click on the pen icon on the right to edit the Schedule if required.

13. Click on the red X icon to delete the schedule if required.

14. When complete, click on any tab of the top menu to head toward the required section.

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  • 03-Dec-2017