Creating Nookal Access for Staff Members

Below explains how to create a Nookal access for an existing Staff members in order for them to log in to Nookal.

If the Staff member hasn't  been created yet, see "Adding Staff Members".

1. Click Practice, at the top of the screen. (If Practice isn't in the top menu, Staff can be found under Setup > Users > Staff.)


2. Click Staff under Setup.

3. Click on the Name of the Staff member you want to create an access for in the list of existing Staff. You can see the lists of Active and Inactive Staff by clicking on the tab.


4. Once in the Staff page, set Status as Active in the Account section.


5. Set Access as Web or Web + App.


6. Enter the Email address the Staff member will use to log in Nookal.


7. Set a Password that will be used to log in. You can choose a password or use the Generate button.


The password will not be sent to your Staff Member so you will need to provide the password to them and advise them to change it when they first log in. See "Changing account password"

8. Select a Permissions group in the dropdown menu.

Review and adjust predefined Permissions group before creating access to your Staff members to protect private information. See "Managing Permissions Groups" for all the details to manage permissions.

9. Select the Locations you want the Staff member to access.

10. Click Save Changes (or Create Staff Member) at the bottom right of the window.


11. Click Ok when the notitfication window pops up to confirm changes have been saved.

12. Repeat these steps for every Staff member you want to create an access for.

If the Staff member is a Provider, see "Setting Up Staff as Providers".
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  • 13-Jun-2019