Setting up Staff as Providers

This article explains how to set up the additional option available for Staff members that are Providers.

Each Staff member that provides (or has provided) services to clients, is a Provider.  To avoid the need to upgrade your plan for providers that are no longer involved in the business, set them as Inactive.

If the Staff member has not been added yet, see "Adding Staff Members" for more information.
Every Active Provider using a Diary colomn will require a license.
  • If you are unsure if you are allowed more providers under the current plan, you can see your subscription details in Practice>Subscription>Subscription.
  • If you need to upgrade your plan and would like more information, please create a ticket and we will assist you.

1. Click Practice, at the top of the screen. (If Practice isn't in the top menu, Staff can be found under Setup > Users > Staff.)


2. Click Staff in the left side menu. Or, if you are in the home page of the Practice section, click Staff under the Setup column.

3. Click on the Name of the Staff member you want to create an access for in the list of existing Staff. You can see the lists of Active and Inactive Staff by clicking on the tab.


4. Tick the Provider box in the Application section.

5. Click Add New to add a Registration Number (e.g. Provider number, Professional ID).

Set all the Registration Numbers that might be needed (e.g. if different for each location, for certain third party payer, etc.) so they are easily accessible for invoicing.

6. Type in the Registration Number and click Next.

7. Select the Location this Registration Number is used for (a specific location or all locations) and click Next.

8. Select if the Registration Number applies to all Type of Payment or only one (e.g. specific third party payer) and click Next.

Once back on the Staff page, the Registration Number will be displayed in the table.

9. Tick the Diary box.

10. Read the information on the pop up window about your subscription, tick the box I understand and agree and click Continue.

11. Choose whether the Clinical Notes of this Provider will be shared to other staff members having access to clinical notes or if they will be private in the dropdown list next to Privacy.

12. Once all these steps are completed, click Save Changes.

Once the Diary box is ticked, there will be options related to Online Bookings, if this Provider will be available for Online Bookings, see "Setting Up Staff for Online Bookings".