Adding Extra Information to Client Profile

The article below explains how to add customised fields into your Client Profile to record additional information that is not included in the Client Profile and Health sections.

The Extras section will only show up in the Client Profile once you have created your choice of customised fields in the Setup page. The Extra fields need to be created before additional information can be added in the Client Profile.

1. Head to Practice. (If Practice isn't in the top menu, click Setup > Practice > Extras.)


2. Click Extras under Setup.


3. Click Add Field at the bottom right corner.


4. Add a Label to the Field.


5. Select the Type you want (e.g. text, dropdown menu...)


6. You can add a Default answer if you wish. (optional)


7. You can add information to help fill the field in Help/Info. (optional)


8. Set the Field as Active.


9. Once you have completed every field, click Save Changes at the bottom right corner.


10. You can Drag/Drop of your Extra to reorganise them by clicking on the blue arrows on the right of the screen.  

All the Active fields created will be displayed in the Extras section of the Client Profile.

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  • 13-Jun-2019