Setting up What You See in the Diary

Each Nookal user can set up their Diary to their preferences without affecting what other colleagues see in their account. You can set different preferences for every Location you have access to.

Below explains the different option and how to change them.

Providers in the Diary

You can decide which providers are visible on your Diary and reorder the columns.

1. Click Options in the top right corner of the Diary.

2. Reorder the Provider's columns by clicking the 3 dashes on the left of a Provider's Name and drag and drop in your prefered order. The name at the top will be the first column on the left in the Diary.

3. Choose each provider's visibility by clicking the option under Visibility next to their name or choose the same for all the providers by clicking next to All Providers.

You can either:

  • Always Show
  • Always Hide
  • Automatic - (This will display any provider with a booking or scheduled availability)

4. Click Save.

Other Viewing Options

You can choose between a few options regarding time and appointment displayed.

1. Click Options in the top right corner of the Diary.

2. Tick the box next to the option if you wish to enable it.

  • Hide Client names if your diary is visible to other people who shouldn't see names.
  • Auto-Scroll to the time of the day when going back to the diary to easily find the current appointment.
  • Show times next to the cursor on the Diary.
  • 24 hour time format instead of 12.
  • Decide on your Diary start time and end time.
Be careful when setting up your start and end time to make sure there are no bookings earlier or later than the start or end time otherwise they will not be visible in the Diary.

Day vs Week View

Day view will allow you to view one day of every provider you set to view for the Location.

1. Click Day at the top right corner.

Week view allow you to see the week of a single provider in the Location.

1. Click Week at the top right corner.

2. Select the Provider from the dropdown list.