Restricting Nookal Account Access With IP Addresses

Please consult your IT department or specialist before using IP Locking - your IP address is most likely subject to change (unless static) and this will lock you out of your account if it changes.

Nookal being a cloud-based system can easily be accessible while on the move. However, it is possible to restrict the access to specific locations using IP Addresses.

Below explains how to set up IP Locking. 

Make sure you read the steps carefully - if it is not setup properly, you will risk lock yourself out of your account.

1. Go to Practice.

2. Click on Integrations, then Advanced..

3. Click to Enable IP Locking.

4. Click Configure.

Collect all the IP Addresses that will be enabled for the use of Nookal prior to setting up the IP Locking otherwise staff members will be locked out until the IP Address is added to the list.
You can find your public IP Address by typing "IP Address?" in Google and it will be displayed at the top of the search.

Excluding Staff Members From IP Locking

Staff members in the Excluded Staff list will not be restricted by the IP locking so they will be able to access their account from any Locations.

5. Click Add Staff to exclude yourself from the IP Lock while setting it up so that you don't lock yourself out.

6. Select your Name in the dropdown list.

7. Click Add.

Your Name and email address will be displayed in the Excluded Staff list. You can repeat steps 5 to 7 to add other staff members.

Enabling IP Addresses

8. Click Add IP Address.

9. Type IP Address.

10. Click Add.

The IP Address will be shown in the List of approved IP Addresses. You can repeat steps 8 to 10 to add other approved IP Addresses.

Once you have tested the IP Lock with another staff member, you can remove Excluded Staff members if you prefer for everyone to have access with the approved IP Addresses only.

11. Click Remove next to the Staff Name (the same can be done to remove an IP Address if required).

Once the IP Locking is set, any staff member who is not in the Excluded Staff list will not be able to access their Nookal account from an IP Address different then the one approved and if they attempt to do so, an error message will be displayed. 

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  • 12-Jun-2018