Activity vs Provider Payment Reports

This is not financial or accounting advices, but only details about how the reports generate the figures. You should consult your accountant before making any decisions.

Wondering which report represents an accurate performance of your Practitioner?

This explanation should help understand the reports better.

Cash vs Accrural

First of all you need to decide if you rely on accrural or cash accounting.

  • Accrural accounting: The amount that was generated during a certain period (items invoiced - regardless of it it has been paid).


  • Cash accounting: The actual money that has been paid over that period (payment received - regardless of when it was invoiced).


The Activity Report (Reports > Management > Activity) will give you an accurate report of the items invoiced over the period of time you select, grouped by staff member.

If you are using passes, make sure you decide if you take into account when the pass was purchased (total pass cost) or when it is redeemed (nominal value) because selecting both will lead to the amount being added up.


The Provider Payments Report (Reports > Management > Provider Payments) gives an accurate amount of the money that has been received during the period of time selected, grouped by staff member.

Keep in mind that this report can fluctuate greatly on a weekly basis if you tend to receive bulk payments from third parties or if a practitioner runs classes for which clients pay upfront for a term or buy passes.

Why are Activity and Provider Payments Reports sometime quite similar and sometime quite different?

The Activity Report and the Provider Payment Report would only be exactly the same if all payments are made on the same day the invoics are generated.

If not all payments are made on the day the invoices are generated, the reports will only have similiar figures if the amount of unpaid invoices in this period is close to the amount of prior invoices paid during that period - it doesn't mean anything.

The Activity Report figures will be higher if many invoices have been generated and little payment received in that period of time.

The Provider Payments figures will be higher if many payments have been received and little invoices generated in a period of time.