Invoicing a Third Party Payer

All invoiced should be generated from an Appointment on the Diary. It is even more important when invoicing a Third Party so that all information (Referring GP, Reference/Claim number etc) and the session count are accurate.
To be able to address an invoice to a Third Party Payer, the Payer needs to be setup in the Case first. See Setting Up Third Party Payers for more guidance.

1. In the Diary, click on the Appointment.

2. Check that the Payer is correct.

3. Click Generate Invoice.

4. Check that the information in the invoice is accurate (e.g. Provider number as it might be a different one for this specific Payer).

5. Add Payment amount if a payment (from the client or payer) is made at the time of generating the invoice otherwise leave blank.

6. If printing or emailing the invoice, choose the appropriate Addressee.

If it is for Medicare or DVA and you have Online Claiming enabled you can click Add to Medicare Queue for processing at this point before saving the invoice.

7. Click Save and Print or Save.


Click here if you need guidance on exporting invoices in bulk for a Third Party Payer.

Click here if you need further guidance to pay invoices in bulk.

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  • 05-Jul-2018