Adding a Logo on Invoices and Letters

Adding a logo to be displayed at the top of invoices and letters generated in Nookal is quick and easy.

  • A logo will need to be added for each Location in the account
  • The same logo or a different logo can be used for each location.
  • The logo will also be used when sending some emails from Nookal.

1. Go to Practice > Setup > Locations. (If Practice isn't in the top menu, Locations will be found under Setup > Practice > Locations.)

2. Click on the Location to open this location's page.

3. Click Unpload Logo.

4. Find the logo and click Open.

5. Click Save Changes.

If you are changing the logo, you will need to Delete the previous logo and Save Changes before opening the location's page again and adding the new logo as explained above.
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  • 13-Jun-2019