Managing Provider or Registration Numbers

For Clients to be able to claim money back back from their session, they usually need a provider or a registration number on the invoice.

Below explains how to set up these numbers.

You can setup different provider numbers for the same provider and linked them to the appropriate Location or Third Party Payer so the right number will be picked when generating invoices.

Adding a Provider Number

1. Go to Practice. (If Practice isn't in the top menu, Staff can be found under Setup > Users > Staff.)

2. Click Staff under Setup.

3. Click on the Staff member Name.

4. Tick the Provider box if not already ticked.

5. Click Add New next to Registration.

6. Add the Registration Number and click Next.

7. Select the Location (all or a single) and click Next.

8. Select the Type of Payer this number will be used for (All Types or a single type) and click Next.

9. The Provider Number will be shown in the Staff member page, click Save Changes.

Removing a Provider Number

If you have made a mistake in a provider number or a provider number is not required anymore, you can delete it.

1. Head to the Staff member page (as above).

2. Click on the minus icon next to the number that needs deleting.

3. Click Save Changes.

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  • 13-Jun-2019