Printing Appointment List for Practitioners

This article explains how to print a list of bookings for different purposes.

You can either print the bookings of all practitioners in a continuous list for reference or separate each provider in a different page to hand it over to them.

1. Go to Diary.

2. Click on the Printer icon at the top right of the Diary.

If the Printer icon is not displayes next to "Options", it means you don't have the Permission to print from the Diary. Ask someone with Owner or Managaer Permissions to grant this permission.

3. Select for which Location / Providers / Date range you wish to print the Diary for.

4. Select the Types of Booking you want to display and other Options.

Tick the option Provider per page if printing schedules of many providers at the same time so they can each have their own page.

5. Click Generate.

Click Generate each time you change options so that it reflects your latest choice before clicking Print.

6. Click Print.

7. Follow the promt to print the schedule in the pop-up window that opens displaying a preview.

If the pop-up window doesn't who up, you might have a "pop-up block" in your browser. Disabled the pop-up blocker and try again.