Booking an Appointment for an Existing Client

There are 2 ways to book an existing Client depending if the Client attended a previous appointment recently or without a recent appointment.

Rebooking From a Previous Appointment

This option is recommended if you want to rebook the exact same Service/Case because when rebooking an appointment this way, the appointment will default to the same Case and Service of the selected appointment.
If this is not what is required, you will need to open the New Appointment and change the Case/Service and Save Changes.

1. Click on the previous Appointment to open the Appointment window.

2. Hover Appointment.

3. Click Rebook Appointment.

4. Click on an available slot in the appropriate Day/Provider Diary column.

5. In the pop-up warning that opens, click No if you wish to book one appointment only or Yes if you wish to rebook other appointments for this Client.

Rebooking a Client Without a Recent Previous Booking

1. Go to Diary.

2. Click on an available slot in the appropriate Day/Provider Diary column.

3. Enter the First Name and/or Last Name of the Client in the appropriate field.

4. Click on the appropriate Client in the list, you can confirm it is the right Client with the date of birth.

The Appointment Type and Case will default to the most recent booking.

5. If required, select a different Case or Create a New one. Click here if you require further guidance to Create a Case.

6. If required, click on the Appointment Type to change it.

7. Click Create Appointment.

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  • 09-Aug-2018