Sending a Message Manually

It is possible to manually send SMS or Email messages to Clients.

This is quite useful if a Client has booked an appointment after the automated reminders have been sent but would still like to receive an email or SMS for the booking or for occasional communication if you know your Client prefers messages to calls.

Sending a Message From the Diary

1. In the Diary, click on the Client Appointment to open the Appointment window.

2. Click  Send Message

3. Select Email or SMS.

4. Select a Template or enter your message. Template set as ad-hoc will be displayed in the dropdown list.

5. If sending an email, enter a subject line.

6. When ready to send, click Send Email or Send SMS.

The message will added to the system message queue and will appear in the Client > Details > Messages area once it has been sent.

You must have the Client's consent to receive SMS or Email reminders before messages can be sent.
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  • 06-Aug-2018