The New Nookal Dashboard

Nookal’s Dashboard upgrade provides a fresh, simple way to present customised data to each user according to their role in the practice. The Dashboard upgrade is designed to help user access important data quicker, and assist in day-to-day operations. 

The data that is displayed is determined by the User Group and Permissions that you set up within your Nookal account.

On the chart, there is the option to display the Cancellations Report and Referrer Source Report. To change this, simply click on the 3 vertical dots on the top right-hand side of the chart, as per below: 

The Dashboard has the ability to display statistics relevant to 4 different categories of users:

  1. Anyone in the "Owner" User Group.
  2. Anyone with access to Ageing Debts and Revenue Reports.
  3. Anyone with a column in the Diary.
  4. Everyone else.

Below is a description of the Dashboard views according to the role and permission settings in Nookal. Each statistic on the left-hand side of the Dashboard will link to the appropriate report in the Reports section.

Anyone in the "Owner" User Group

For members of the "Owner" user group, the left hand-side statistics panel will display:

  • Total revenue over the last week
  • Practice occupancy for all practitioners for the current day
  • Practice cancellations for the current day
  • Number of New Clients seen over the past week

There is also a chart to display top revenue by provider, and top revenue by service.

Anyone with access to Ageing Debts and Revenue Reports

For users with access to Ageing Debts and Revenue Reports, the left hand-side statistics panel will display:

  • Total amount of appointments in the practice for the day in your enabled location
  • Total practice occupancy percentage for the day
  • Cancellations percentage for the day
  • Outstanding tasks assigned to the user.

The chart will display Ageing Debts and practice Revenue over a chosen amount of time (day, week, month, year).

Anyone with a column in the Diary

For users with a Diary column, the left-hand side statistics panel will display:

  • Number of bookings for the day
  • Percentage of new clients attending your practice for the first time for the day
  • Number of uncompleted notes for the day
  • Forward occupancy: percentage of your upcoming availability which is filled for 3 months from the current date

On the Dashboard, charts are bookings per case data over a chosen time period (select the time period from the dropdown menu on the chart) and uncompleted clinical notes.  

Everyone Else

On the left hand-side statistics panel, everyone else will see:

  • Occupancy percentage for the day
  • Uninvoiced bookings for the day
  • Number of Clients appearing on the waiting list
  • Number of outstanding tasks

Below is the user group view for everyone else:

If you’re a new Nookal subscriber, click on View Checklist in the top left-hand side corner to be taken back to a trial account Dashboard view. This will allow you to view the percentage of your Nookal account that you’ve already set up, and a list of the remaining sections to set up in your account. The View Checklist link will be available for 60 days after your subscription date.

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