In-app Chat and Messaging

This is a beta feature, which is subject to change at any time. We welcome any feedback you may have.

Enabling In-app Chat

To enable in-app chat for your account:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Extensions > Advanced.
  2. Locate and enable the Nookal Chat option.

Disabling Chat for specific Staff

  1. Navigate to Setup > Users > Staff.
  2. Select the Staff to disable.
  3. Locate and un-check the 'Enable Chat' checkbox.

Disabling Chat for specific Locations

  1. Navigate to Setup > Practice > Locations.
  2. Select the Location to disable.
  3. Locate and un-check the 'Enable Chat' checkbox.

Using In-app Chat

In the bottom-right corner of each page of your Nookal account, you'll see the chat bubble icon.

  • Simply click the icon, to open the in-app chat window to see on-going discussions with your team.
  • Once open, click it again to hide the discussions.

Navigating Discussions

The left side of the chat window shows your Locations and Staff members.

  • Select a Location to chat with all Staff in that Location.
  • Select a Staff member to chat with them privately.

Staff Status

Each Staff member has a status indicator next to their name.

  • A green circle indicates they are online and can receive a message instantly.
  • A red circle indicates they are offline and will see any new messages next time they are online.

Chatting with Your Team

Simply enter your message in the bottom-right of the Chat window, and press the Enter/Return key on the keyboard to send it.

Happy chatting!

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  • 26-Mar-2020